Held at the Henk Ruys Soccer Centre in Saskatoon
from 5:00-6:30pm on Wednesdays 

The program is looking for boys born in 2007,08,09
who are interested in learning to play the sport
in a competitive manner.

If you have a son interested this for
them to get to know this great lifetime sport.

 Fall Fee is $125.00 - Winter Fee $125.00

Help us promote boys volleyball here in Saskatoon.

If you have any questions please email your inquiry

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Fall  Program $125.00
September to November


Winter  Program $125.00
January to  March




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More about SMASHBALL

Smashball was introducted in the fall 2013 in the Netherlands  and
is a very suitable way to
interest boys to start playing volleyball



Smashball is a new training route to
the sport of volleyball.

This route is based on three pillars:
Fun, Movement and Drive.

Volleyball techniques are fitted into
these three pillars.





The training exercises that meet these
three pillars are extremely suited for the Smashball training route.

Smashball has developed exercises that
have a competition element linked to the volleyball technique.



Come and be part of the FUN!!!




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